Noah Freeman Teen Sexual Predator

Noah Freeman Teen Sexual Predator Noah Freeman is a now eighteen year old from Tennessee who will spend the next fifty years behind bars for a series of violent sexual assaults.  It all began when Noah Freeman was arrested for tying a six year old girl to a tree and sexually assaulting her when he was thirteen years old.  Freeman was arrested shortly after and sent to a juvenile detention center.  Three years later Noah Freeman would attack a female counselor inside of the detention center and held a pen to her throat and threatened to kill her.  Noah Freeman would attack the counselor before sexually assaulting her.  Noah would plead guilty to a series of charges including attempted murder and sexual assault.  The Judge in the case would send the sexual predator to prison for the next fifty years

A teenager who brutally raped and assaulted a youth counselor in 2016 was sentenced to 50 years in prison with no parole.
Noah Freeman, 18, will be placed on the Violent Sex Offender Regis…

Alexander Perez Teen Killer

Alexander Perez Teen KillerAlexander Perez was fourteen years old when he killed an elderly man in Florida during a robbery.  According to court document Alexander Perez walked up to the elderly man who was sitting on his front porch and attacked the man before forcing the man into his home.  Perez continued to attack the victim inside of his home which ultimately lead to his death.  Alexander would take a number of items from the home before fleeing.  Perez was convicted of 2nd degree murder, robbery and theft of a vehicle.  Perez was sentenced to thirty five years in prison of which he will serve fifteen.

A 14-year-old is being charged with First Degree Murder after a brutal home invasion left an 81-year-old man dead back in September.
On September 23, just after 2:00 a.m., 14-year-old Alexander Perez, walked up to the elderly victim -- Robert Walker -- who was sitting on his front porch at his home on Devonshire Dr. in Holiday. Perez hit him in the face multiple times then pu…

Jane Fonda Celebrity Mugshot

Jane Fonda Mugshot Photos Jane Fonda was arrested in 1970 after she tried to bring a bunch of diet pills, Valium and tranquilizers from Canada to the United States which was a big no no back then.  Jane Fonda would also be arrested for assaulting a deputy however the latter charges would be dropped.  The drug smuggling charges would also be dropped as it turned out the customs officer would label the vitamins she was carrying as illegal substances

Jaime Pressly Mugshot Photos

Jaime Pressly Mugshot Photos Jaime Pressly was arrested for suspicion of drunk driving and when she was tested would blow three times over the legal limit.  Thanks to a great lawyer in the end Jaime would receive a ton of probation and a number of classes regarding alcohol abuse.

Heather Locklear Mugshot Photos

Heather Locklear Mugshot Photos Heather Locklear was arrested for domestic violence and for fighting with deputies when they showed up at her house in 2018.  True to Celebrity form as soon as she was released from jail Heather Locklear headed towards the nearest rehab.  Heather Locklear is facing a felony count of domestic violence and three misdemeanor counts for the attacks on the responding deputies

Andrea Yates Not Guilty By Reason Of Insanity

Andrea Yates Not Guilty By Reason Of Insanity Andrea Yates was a good mother until mental illness made her do the unthinkable

Andrea Yates was born in Houston Texas and would meet her husband Rusty Yates in 1989.  After the couple had their fourth child she began to exhibit severe mental illness signs including self injury, psychosis and severe depression.  Andrea would be hospitalized after a suicide attempt and would be prescribed a series of medications.  Andrea and Rusty were told by a variety of doctors not to have any more children but they did not listen.

After the birth of their fifth child Andrea who stopped taking her medications during her pregnancy was again spiraling out of control.  Andrea Yates was again hospitalized after a doctors visit and Rusty was told not to leave the children in the care of his wife.  Once out of the hospital Andrea Yates was still not in her right mind

On June 20 2001 Rusty Yates left for works and his mother was suppose to come over an hour la…

Martin Soto-Fong Teen Killer

Martin Soto-Fong Teen KillerMartin Soto-Fong was seventeen years old when his participation in a robbery ended with him on death row.

According to court documents Martin Soto-Fong and two accomplices walked into a grocery store in Pima County Arizona.  While one of the accomplices watched the door Martin Soto-Fong after gathering some groceries would shoot and kill three people inside of the store.

Soon after Martin Soto-Fong was arrested and charged with three counts of capital murder.  In the end the jury would find him guilty and sentenced him to death.

However the death penalty for juveniles was soon ruled unconstitutional and Martin Soto-Fong was sent back to court where the judge sentenced him to three consecutive life terms with no chance of parole for seventy five years.